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Week 2

So as I sit here at my computer waiting for Rae to settle down so I can go to back to sleep, I figured I'd share a little update with you guys.

First - I really hate that I had to mess with her burgeoning schedule today, and that her super long stretch at night started at 7pm yesterday because our eye appointments ran so stinking long and she didn't get a proper afternoon nap. GRUMBLE.

The next order of business is:
Cardio kickboxing is hard. Even if its just 10 minutes.

So week 2 started yesterday, and I do love that these workouts are a shy less than 20 minutes, because it makes it so easy to fit into the baby's schedule, but damnit if a lot isn't crammed into them. I would almost say the pace of the current interval is almost too fast for me to keep up. Actually I would say that, but that's on me not them.

My knees are aching a lot, I blame the weather. We had nice warm days and then BAM! Lets throw in a couple of snow storms. My poor knees can't handle that. My shoulders are achey because not only am I working them, but oh yea - I have a girl that doesn't always like to give up that last tiny little burp, but god forbid you put her down with that tiny little burp still in her. I usually cheat. I put her down, let her get nice and uncomfy as the burp works its way to the top, and then I'll pick her back up and burp her. That annoying little burp usually appears in the first 30 seconds or so. It may sound terrible, but hey - who's got time to burp a stubborn girl for 45 minutes. Not me. I have other children. I also need sleep, food and coffee. Sorry kiddo. You're number 3 - you're just gonna have to deal with the fact that I'm pretty good at determining which cries of yours are real and which ones aren't.

Ok so, she went to sleep finally. I should too. See ya'll later.

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