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Total Body Circuit - Day 3

Copied from my T25 log today - 

Dying. Roses are red. Violets are blue. I hurt everywhere. Boo hoo. 

Yep that pretty much sums up the first total body circuit that stupid happy Shaun T put me thru. Ok, really I can't blame him. I'm the one that choose to do this. He designed it so I'd be mean to him. I'm sure tomorrow's ab circuit will be amazingly easy compared to today.

I definitely didn't come anywhere near "nailing it" today. Struggled with it isn't even a good adjective. Some parts were just fine. Then we dido the stupid planking section. Hate planks with a renewed vigor that I didn't know existed inside me until today. Yea, it was that hard. 

I have a hard time with plank. It hurts my lower back and knees, so I modify. This is not an issue. It becomes an issue when you start doing oblique push-ups. What's an oblique push-up, you ask. Well it's a terrible, terrible push-up that has your foot somewhere near your shoulder as you perform said push-up. That may be an exaggeration, but yea your leg is definitely not beyond your behind where it belongs. This is a hard maneuver for me, because in order for me to even rootely stay in a somewhat plank position, read my back kind of balancing a glass of water, then my legs shouldn't move. Problems of long-legged girls. I can't fit my bent leg underneath my chest while doing plank. My arms are to short. One could argue that my shins are to long, as well. I don't know of a good modifier for this, so I just did push-ups. Those sucked as well, but at least I know I can grunt through them. 

The other complaint? Squats. Hate squats. My butt hates squats. My quads hate squats. My knees are tired of squats. It's a shame that I like my butt more when I do squats. 

With all of this angst, you'd think that I had a terrible workout, but I didn't. It was hard and kicked my derrière, but it was a good one and looking forward to being able to "nail it."  

I am looking forward to STATurday though. It'll be interesting to see if there've been any changes. 

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