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From Hiatus to Halloween

So wow. It's been 8 months. Ok well like 7.5 months, but who's counting. 

A lot has happened this year. Went on a cruise, lost some weight, ran some races, and enjoyed life. 

Did you know that having three children is a juggling act? I mean not like, oh look, I can juggle three balls, but like hey look at me juggle these three balls, and a chainsaw, some machetes and a goat. All at once. All of this has left little time for me to focus on the house or crafting. Any sewing I've done has been a necessity. Not just because. Until now. 

There's been some sewing. And crafting. And general mayhem. Anyways, I've digressed. A lot. 

I have returned to dolling up the house for a holiday! Halloween has arrived. It's up a little later than usual because Small Fry's birthday was last week and we had his party on Saturday - more later. 

Even if I did get most of this crafting done today, doesn't mean I haven't been scouring Pinterest for some cute Halloween ideas. I decided that I didn't want anything too over the top because I'm going to have to blend/hide it for Little Miss' birthday at the end of the month so low key was the main idea. So here a few pics I snapped of the latest a Halloween decor. 

How cute is that wreath? I love how simple it was to throw together. After all the googly eyes were glued to the letter. 

So here's inside. 
You can't see a lot of my high quality cell photo? Hmmm.

These will help. 

See these crystal balls? Yea that idea is totally from Flamingo Toes and The Graphics Fairy. I love the vintage women in costume. 

So that's what I've accomplished today. I think I'll sit and finish up a Tinkerbell costume. 

Oh and one final pictures. The little vignette on the sofa table, because what's Halloween without candy corn?

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