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Fit 4 Thursday

So all the brands are coming out with their fall lines, and I'm in love.

What I'm not in love with are the prices.

I love to run, but why do I have to pay through the nose for some of the running gear I like?

 I get that shoes cost. I understand that. Shoes, more than any other piece of gear take a beating, and I'm willing to pay for it.

Same goes for a sports bra. If duct tape were comfortable, I'd tape those babies down. I know the women agree. Boobs are annoying when you're exercising. They get in the way. A good sports bra is the 2nd most important thing. My favorite sports bra is actually from Target, {HERE}.

So what about the rest of the gear?

A cute running skirt that costs $75 is outrageous! Brooks is selling one such one, {HERE}.

I get that it's wool and its wicking and all that jazz, but there's probably not more than 1 1/2 yards of material there, and who's honestly wearing a wool skirt for running if the temp dips down to warrant wearing wool?!?!?!

Not me. I've done my fair share of winter running, and a skirt was never on that what-to-wear list. Not to say I didn't wear wool. I did. In a ski mask, that I made myself. It was amazing. It cost me less than $5 to make and literally took me an hour or so of tv watching to whip up.

That's also not to say that I'm not totally coveting an outfit from Ink 'N Burn. I posted this little number to the hubs wall as a birthday gift hint.

Its so pretty and I want it so bad, but holy crap - $140 for the whole outfit! Eeek. That's why I'm asking for it for my birthday. I'd never just go out and buy that outfit on a whim. With that price tag, I could buy another pair of running shoes.

What's worse is that their sizing sucks. Apparently being a size 14 is too big to make clothes for. They do have a fair share of clothes now coming in size 14, but that's the biggest size and when I was first introduced to Ink 'N Burn last year, they didn't have ANY size 14 clothes. I may have missed it if they did, but I combed their site pretty thoroughly.

One of the scariest things about exercising is deciding what to wear, especially when you're bigger. Its still a thing. Sorry being a girl sucks sometimes. I like my outfits to coordinate, even the ones I'm going to sweat all over.

Not all companies make clothes to fit bigger people, which is dumb. You want people to get healthy, then make clothes for them. I know it seems dumb, but if a person likes the clothes they're wearing then they'll feel better about themselves (if only minisculely better) and they might try that much harder at their workout, or even workout! Imagine that. Perception, especially self-perception, is a huge thing.

No everyone is not staring at you, but if they are staring at you, it's because you're wearing a freaking awesome outfit. That's what I told myself when I got self conscious. So yes, clothes matter.

I wait for sales at Old Navy or Target. I even shop at Walmart, who I'm happy to say has really improved their workout clothing selection. I can also sometimes find gear at Ross.

I like these Danskin Now Active Print Capris. They're $13 and they've got fun prints and patterns.

 On an average height, they'd be true capris, but on me they hit right below my knee, which is no bother, because any off-the-shelf capris are going to hit me at the knee. Tall people problems.

Running Leggings Collage
Old Navy Tall Running Tights                                              Target Running Leggings 
I will say that Old Navy's long running tights are awesome, and are actually a smudge too long, but I'm ok with that. Its a nice change of pace.

Target's running leggings are more like ankle pants or true capris on me, but they're cute, and I have to take the "beggars can't be choosy" take more often than not for my running bottoms. I wore them for Rock N Roll DC this year. I look a little crazed, I think this was mile 7 before I got chilled.

I think I've rambled enough, and I hope that you all enjoyed my ramblings. If not, well at least you got see a crazy picture of me during a half.

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