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Quilled Monogram

I'm so excited to share this post.

It was one of the most popular posts on my old blog, and it's easy to do.

It just requires a bit of patience and maybe, a movie or two.

It's really that easy. No lies. I got the inspiration from this post {HERE}. The original post is from June 2010.

Quilled Monogram


  • Lots of 1/8" - 1/4" strips of paper
  • Paper, size of your choosing 
  • Glue
  • Pin, Needle or Quilling Tool
Oh how I wish that the first letter of my last name did not have any curves. To all of you with first letters of your last names that don't include a curve - you're so lucky, but I would absolutely do this project again. 

*Note - I have done this project again, many times over. Still one of my favorites and it's an easy gift to give people who may not always know what to give. 


I started off by printing off my letter in a shade similar to the background, but dark enough for me to see. 

There aren't a lot of corners to be utilized in a B, but luckily since this was sized for a 4x6 I got away with only using 2 strips. Starting and stopping at corners makes this process much easier.

Also I ended up gluing my curves piece meal. I paint some modge podge onto the outline then press the paper into it, gently following the outline, and at the curves I worked in smaller sections, because the paper wanted to do one thing, and I wanted it to do something else. 

So here is she is in her outlined glory.

 I've started adding the coils to the letter. I used a pin to start tightly rolling the coils.

I used my fingers to keep the paper tightly coiled as I dipped it in a bit of glue, and then I placed it down in the spot I wanted it. I used the pin, again, to let the coil unroll only as far as I wanted it to. I then pressed down on the coil for a second or two.

 Here she is almost done. You can see where I added the outline of where the mat would go.
I had an 8x10 frame matted for 5x7, and I  should have added this outline first, but c'est la vie. It all worked out.

 Here is the still drying monogram.

Here is the monogram, 5 years later, and still looking just as beautiful as the day I finished it. Not to bad for just glue and paper.

I hope you guys enjoyed this reintroduced post, and hopefully will be inspired to quill up some art for your home.

Have a terrific weekend.

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  1. That really is beautiful - and you've made it sound so easy too, maybe one day I'll give it a go! :) #showandtell