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September and October Inspirational Calendars - Printable

If there was an award for unfinished projects, I'd be in the running for it.

All of my projects right now are in various stages of assembly, and not one of them are done. 

Probably because I get distracted easily, and jump from project to project and they all get done a little bit at a time. 

At least they're getting worked on. That's the high point, right? 

Such is the case with today's printable. 
I sat down to create a new workout motivational calendar for me. My training is finishing up, and I don't plan on starting a new training plan until October, and I wanted to create a calendar for that. 

Of course, I needed to find a new plan that suited my needs and wants, and that took a few hours. Then I found one, but while I was doing that I found some plans that the husband might like, so I had to explore them too. 

You get the drift. 

Finally, I ended up back in photoshop designing pretty calendars that I will probably not use, but by the time I hammered out what I wanted out of my calendar, I was almost done, so I finished. You guys can use my calendars! 

I really do like these calendars, and hopefully before my next training plan starts, I'll have hammered out a calendar that is exactly what I want. 

Just click on each of the pictures for the individual calendars. They're sized for regular printer paper, but you could always shrink them if you wanted to. 

September Inspirational CalendarOctober Inspirational Calendar

Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Great calendars, Heather. I too go from project to project sometimes since I crochet, knit and sew - too many ideas and not enough time to get them all done. We have a lot in common as I also have 3 children and I too am into fitness. I am not a runner though - I ride my bike and do workouts at home at least 4 to 5 days a week. Stopping by from the Handmade Hangout link up.

    1. Thanks for visiting Kimberlee! If only we had as much time as we have ideas. I should ride a bike more often. I know it's great cross training but those seats. I need to remember to put on the more comfortable ones.