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The Monday Report - The Taper Disaster

The Monday Report

So taper week was a disaster. I ran once, but that one run was pretty awesome. So that's something.

I just didn't feel like running.

Isn't that terrific? 14 weeks of training and I don't feel like running.

I didn't feel great, physically or mentally. I was in a funk.

Did I mention it was taper week? The half is 2 weeks away. Yay! Let's not run! Woo Hoo!

No amount of self-prescribed pep talks or nudging from the hubs was getting me out the door.

Nope. I stayed indoors and worked on projects around the house. I didn't even go to Zumba.

The Rundown

The Rundown Collage

Saturday - Ran 8 miles with my fellow runner / not runner DIVA! Honestly, if it wasn't for her the run wouldn't have happened. It was just that kind of week. No regrets, just how it was. The run itself was awesome. I'm glad to have a friend that will suffer with me.

Sunday - Dragged my mom out for another walk, and this time took all the kiddos with me. It was an exercise, and I mean more than just physically. The boys had their scooters and were fine for the first half of the walk, but then it was time to turn around. Apparently, they're legs were going to fall off, and they couldn't dig deep. They did; with a lot of urging. Small Fry ended up in the stroller while holding Baby Girl, and me carrying a scooter and cheerleading Big Guy to keep going. We got it done. Drenched in sweat, but it got done. Yay us!

Goals for the Week

Motivation Moment

I have one goal. I'm not going to talk about last week's goals. I failed. I failed miserably, and I don't care. I'm at peace.

Remember the Joy

That's my goal. Remember why I started, remember why I didn't quit, remember why I still run, and enjoy the milestone.

Happy Monday!

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