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The Monday Report - Week 14

So after killing my long run for week 13, I woke up Monday morning feeling like poo.

My old friend, Hay Fever, was visiting. I hate that guy.

He always seems to show up right before a race. Never fails. So why should this time be any different?

So the week didn't start off like I intended. I was nursing a pressurized, snot-filled face for the first two days. Then Wednesday, I made myself go to class.

It wasn't that hard. My friend was teaching. Pride got into the ring with Hay Fever and won. Some stupid little thing like not being able to breath through my nose is going to stop me (it did, a little). Or the fact that I was constantly clearing my throat throughout class. That wasn't annoying at all.

Are you guys sensing my sarcasm? Its pretty much dripping throughout this post so far just like my nose was.

See what I did there? I could be a comedian. Not really. I'm just annoyed. And snarky. Really snarky.

Any who, I guess there's really no reason to prolong the recap, so here it is!

The Rundown

Monday - I was supposed to run a 40 minute easy run. I slept like crap and woke up thinking I'd inhaled the Sahara. Oh and everything I mentioned above. Don't you just love when you wake up and feel like that? No run happened, but I did dress like I was going to run, so that's something, and I did have to take Small Fry to the dentist unexpectedly, so we ran there. Well we ran to the car to make the appointment, because they mercifully had a cancellation just as we were calling to see if they could fit us in that day. Big fat failure.

Wednesday - Normally a Double-D day, but that didn't happen. Zumba happened and that was fun. Like I said above, my friend was teaching and I always enjoy the class so I went. She was also going to be leading the class in the song I missed last time she taught, all because I had to change a poopy diaper. Anyways, I did have tentative plans to run after class, but since my throat was bothering me all during class, I decided to  forego the run. I did pump up my effort in class though. My abs and adductors hurt the next day.

Friday - I didn't know how long I was going to run when I stepped out of my front door, but it was so lovely out, that running 5 miles seemed like a fantastic idea. Half way through, it was the worst idea ever. I was dehydrated, and my legs felt like weights. My sinuses also weighed in, and they had nothing good to say. Needless to say, not the best run ever.

Saturday - After the horror of Friday's run, I decided that I was not going to push miles on Saturday. I don't want to risk over-training and damaging already fatigued legs. The head cold was still not letting up, so I bullied my dear sweet friend, who is also running Diva with me at the end of September, into running with me. Having her there made the run bearable. My legs still felt heavy, and my quads started complaining. What the heck? I can't even remember the last time my quads bothered me. Ugh. Glad I started tapering early, but still totally getting into my head about VA Beach.

Sunday - Usually my rest day, but given that I was light on miles this week, I figure some extra cross-training couldn't hurt. I called up my mom, and asked if she wanted to join Baby Girl and I on a walk down near her. She gladly joined us. The walk was lovely. At least the first half. The second half Baby Girl decided to regale us with all of the injustices of being almost 2. Apparently there are a lot. Oh well, the walk still got done, and it felt really good.

My Goals for the Week

My sleep was only so-so this week, so really that should stay on the list. It might also help with stupid Hay Fever.

I did enjoy my "long" run, even if it wasn't as long as it should've been. The company definitely made the run bearable.

I could've been so much better about hydrating this week. It's going to stay on the list.

So here's the list for this week -
8 Hours of Sleep a Night
Get Out of My Head

I really need to get out of my head, and just trust my training. The rest will fall into place. This may stay on the list until after VA Beach. 

So here's to another week, and moving forward. Have a terrific Monday!

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