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The Monday Report

The Monday Report

Sayonara week 11.

You weren't great. My calves hate you.

Isn't that a great welcome? Hello Monday. You suck.

Ok, not really, but I'm feeling a bit feisty.

I'm frustrated that I'm finding it harder and harder to wake up for my early morning runs.

The alarm is getting a bit too easy to turn off.

Set more alarms you say? I have 3.

The crumminess of these week has given me clear and concise goals to shoot for this week. There is a silver lining!!

I am getting ahead of myself, though. First things first.

The Rundown

The Rundown - Week 11

Monday - A glorious, adventure-seeking scavenger hunt of a run. I ran with a fellow MRTT momma, and had a blast despite the oppressive heat and humidity. We banged out 4 miles, varying our pace, a lot. That was unintentional.

Tuesday - Rest day. Felt antsy all day though. A short run might've helped.

Wednesday - Supposed to be an easy run, but it turned into more of a threshold run that didn't tell me it was a threshold run until the last uphill half mile. Ugh. It felt great though. I tried out a new route and killed it. I sang the whole way. Literally, sang the whole way. Didn't go to zumba though. My calves were telling me about my antics by mid-morning.

Thursday - Rest day. Calves hurt. Gave them some TLC. Met up with the girls for some wine that evening, probably not the best plan considering I had an early morning run Friday scheduled.

Friday - What? You want me to wake up? You're funny. Oh hun, you're going to be late for your training. Excuse me, while I roll back over and catch another hour of sleep?!? Seriously, tired. I stayed up too late, and should not have had wine the night before. I am finding that I cannot drink wine the night before an early run. The mind doesn't like it. Doesn't mean that I haven't done it.  No run occurred.

On a high note - July's miles totalled 53.6 miles. Not too shabby.

Saturday - Apparently my pace control decided not to show up. The run was pretty easy until the 1/2 way point, and then it got hard. I don't know why. My splits show a pretty accurate picture of how hard the latter half of the run was.

  1. 10:30
  2. 10:26
  3. 10:43
  4. 10:44
  5. 11:15
  6. 11:48
  7. 11:03
  8. 11:51
  9. 12:34
  10. 12:07
  11. 12:27 (average pace for the 1/2 mile)

My hips really started complaining up some of the steeper hills. I walked the 2 steepest on the run, and then grandpa-shuffled up the last. I had to dig really deep to finish.

The last 1.5 miles were brutal.

The heat and humidity were not helping either. I just keep telling myself it's just prepping me for VA Beach.

 I finished 10.56 miles in 2 hours. Average pace was 11:21, which is still good enough to beat my goal, but it's a little too close for comfort.

Motivation Moment

My Goals for This Week

So last week's goals weren't hard, but apparently I couldn't reach any of them. I could maybe give myself a nod for the speedwork goal, because I did kill it on Wednesday. I didn't make it to a spin class though, I went out with the girls. We've already discussed the pace. Let's not rehash that.

8 Hours of sleep a night
means early bedtimes before those early run days. 
Continue Pace Work
Cross Train More

Well that's another week in the books. Next week will be better. 

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