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The Monday Report

The Monday Report

It's funny how one bad run can really damage your day and mood.

I've known for a while that my shoes were coming to the end of their life.

I was hoping to eek out some more miles from them. That was a bit selfish and stupid on my part.

I know how important shoes are. I know better. I was stupid.

Stupidity. Here's what stupid got me Saturday.

Smart move, right?

It's only 4 weeks until race day.

Its nothing serious. I aggravated my peroneal tendons. I've done it before, when I've run in shoes past when I should have replaced them.

RICE is my friend. RICE is what I go to when I ache. If RICE doesn't fix it, then maybe I actually hurt myself.

What is RICE? Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate. A runner's best friend.

By Saturday evening, I was dancing the night away. Probably not my best idea, but it was a friend's birthday and really, is there any other reason?

So here's the recap of the week.

The Rundown

Week 12 Rundown Collage

Monday - My usual 3 miles around a couple of neighborhoods. I love this run. Its familiar. Like coming home to friends and family. The humidity was killer, and I was faster than I would've liked, but I also didn't sweat it. I ran what felt comfortable.

Wednesday - Double D Day. Zumba and then a quick 30 minute run on the treadmill. Such a great day. Tiring but invigorating. Got a little to enthusiastic at Zumba though, slapped the floor a little to hard and bruised my hand. Stupid Apple Bottom Jeans.

Friday - Ran a new trail with another MRTT momma, and really enjoyed the company. The run was fun, but it was more rugged trail than I was prepared for. The spider webs were also out in force. Bleck! My shins started complaining during the run. It was either my shoes or the trail. I made sure to stretch and roll out my legs when I got home.

Saturday - I could cry. I could cry if I wasn't so frustrated with myself. The shoes are dead, and not even a mile into the 12 miles I had on the docket, they were loudly complaining. By 1.5 miles, I was resigning myself to shortening the run so that my ankle didn't get worse. It felt like I had a rod impaling my ankle right behind the achilles. Crap. Luckily, I was running with some other MRTT mommas and two of them were alternating jogging and speedwalking and only going 5 miles. I decided that some miles were better than no miles and the run/walk regiment might be ok for the stupid ankle. By the end of the outing, I was just walking. The ankle was done. Starbucks, after the run, did help soothe my disgust. Came home and changed, and then pampered the ankle. Then went shopping, and then dancing. Thankfully, the ankle is much better.  I am not going to share my splits. There's not really a point.

Motivational Moment

My Goals for This Week

So my goals last week were pace work, sleeping and cross training more. I did not get 8 hours of sleep a night, in fact I may have gotten less sleep. Definitely not achieved. My pace wasn't an issue this week, but I know I still need to work on it. I didn't cross train less this week, in fact with the way Saturday went, I'd say I even increased it a bit. Overall, I feel good about the week, and I'm going to keep my goals the same.

8 Hours of sleep a night
means early bedtimes before those early run days. 
Continue Pace Work
Cross Train More

Well there it is folks. 4 weeks till Race Day and I'm buying a new pair of shoes.

Happy Monday Y'all!

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