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The Monday Report

The Monday Report

So I might still be on the runner's high from Saturday, or still buzzing with positivity from cheering on a friend at her sprint triathlon yesterday, but I am super excited about this week's report.

Before I delve into dissecting my week, I'm going to give a shout out to my girlfriend and her 2nd triathlon! She did awesome, and despite some bike troubles, she finished strong and looked amazing during it. I am so proud of you. I'm even more proud of her inspiring my husband to do the same sprint triathlon next year! Go Babe! I may or may not be a touch horse from all the cheering I did, but I love the super loud people who cheer at the races I run, so I strove to be that person .

Luray Sprint Triathlon
The very beginning of the Luray Sprint Triathlon.

The Rundown

The Rundown Collage

Monday - My usual run around the neighborhoods. It was rainy, but really not enough to warrant the jacket I wore. It was a bit of a hot suit, but I'm glad that it's highlighter yellow. I'm all for visibility. It was also the inaugural run in the Blue Devils.

Wednesday - It was Double-D day again. Zumba and then a quick little run on the treadmill after the fact. I'm thinking I may have to change up my routine a bit. Maybe run on Tuesday and just keep Wednesday as my cross-train day.

Friday - I added on to my usual loop, and almost got 5 miles out of it. I think once construction is done on my add-on route, then I can get that last quarter mile for an even 5. It's good to shake up the routes sometimes, which is why I started running the add-on. My ankle did start acting up a bit on this run. I was paying attention to traffic and not as much to the soft shoulder I was running on. Nothing terrible, but I did put my insoles into the Blue Devils to help with the ankle pain. I think the arch was just a little to high on the shoe. It also didn't help that there were two small rocks in my left shoe.

Saturday - I'm not going to sugar coat that I was dreading this run. I did not want to do it. I was afraid that I'd be struggling with it, like I've been on my other recent long runs. Then another MRTT mom wanted to bang out 6 at 11:15 pace and I said I was game. At the very least, I'd get 6 in. So we met up at 6, and headed out. I'm glad I went with her, because she helped keep our pace under control, which did get away from us a bit, especially during mile 4. I also tried a different routine with my gels and water. We passed another MRTT momma during her 15-mile training run, and that bolstered me too. The 6.5 miles went by so quick. It was miserable at times, but we killed the 11:15 pace. In fact, we only ran one mile at around 11:15, all the rest were closer to 11:00, but it was terrific. We complained about the humidity, and our upcoming running plans. The misery faded with our conversation.

Then the conversation stopped as we climbed the final hill before she was done, but I took a lot of solace in the fact that she was breathing just as hard as I was. When her run was done, I refilled my water bottle and stretched a bit and headed back out. She was expecting me to finish, and I was excited to keep the momentum going. I was a bit worried about tackling those last 5.5 miles by myself and not being able to maintain pace, but it turns out my worry was all for naught.

Those last 5.5 miles flew by. I passed more runners and cheered them on. I kept pace, and when it was time to hydrate or eat, I stopped running and stretched while chewing and swallowing. It helped immensely. I kept pace, and my last mile was my fastest mile. I pushed it. I wanted to finish strong. It paid off. All my pain, worry, fretting, and training has paid off. 12 miles at a 10:57 pace for a 2:11:26 finish. Hallelujah! I'm hoping I can repeat this at Virginia Beach.

My splits:

  1. 11:08
  2. 11:05
  3. 11:02
  4. 10:40
  5. 11:07
  6. 11:18
  7. 11:05
  8. 11:04
  9. 10:54
  10. 11:01
  11. 10:54
  12. 10:03 (what a finish!)
I taped my bunions on both feet and peroneal tendons on the left foot. My feet look like Dr. Frankenstein had gotten ahold of them, but I had no pain after the run. I did have two weirdly placed blisters at the top of my foot where the ankle curve is, but I think my socks slipped down and the tongue of my shoes were rubbing right there. They don't hurt, so I haven't bothered them. 

Saturday's run provided a crapton of clarity for me. Funny how running can do that for you.

Motivation Moment

My Goals for this Week

I actually feel really good about my goals from last week. I had 4 nights of 8+ hours of sleep, 1 night of almost 7 hours, and then 2 nights of 6 hours. I did notice an improvement in myself on the nights I got more sleep, so I am still going to be working on that, but I am pleased with myself.

I am feeling more confident about how my happy pace for the long haul feels, so I'm checking that one off, and I'm happy with my cross-training. I actually started lifting some weights. My left arm needs to catch up to my right.

So the goals for this week are -
8 Hours of Sleep a Night
Enjoy the Long Run

I'm still going to shoot for more sleep. I can still improve.

I'm not going to sweat my 13 mile run this weekend. I'm going to enjoy it. I'm going to forget about pace, the pressure I've put myself under, and the goals I've set. I'm going to just run, and I'm not going to look at my watch while I'm running it. I will run what feels comfortable, and if that includes walking then so be it.

It's hot, it's humid, and I sweat, a lot. Hydration has never been a strong suit and I need it to be for the next 2 weeks. I need to be hydrated for Virginia Beach. It will also help with my aches and pains.

So there is the game plan for this week. Wish me luck!

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