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Updating the TV Wall

I'm one lucky girl when it come to the freedom I have in my house. My husband is pretty easy-going about most of my projects.

He doesn't fuss too much when I rearrange everything. Or when I come up with cockamamy plans for furniture. 

The only thing we really  butt heads about are the walls. Not the color of the walls, but the amount of stuff on the walls. 

I like organized clutter. I love having pictures up. 

To be fair, he does too - just not as much as I do. 

I had visions of pictures from floor to ceiling in our stairwell. Three kids changed that dream. That is a transformation post for another day. 

The TV wall was another bone of contention. There was a lot going on around the TV and it distracted him. 

Never a good thing. 

This was another project that got done before Super Bowl this year. I didn't buy anything new. I just rearranged what I had.

Apparently I'm incapable of taking an in focus picture of my TV wall. Its just not going to happen.

So we won't discuss my lack of photography skills.

Doesn't that wall look pretty? It was a trial and error type deal. Here's what it looked like before.

I apologize for the stellar photography skills on display today, but really the TV wall was boring. The hubs didn't like it.

It was disjointed to him, and therefore, distracting, but it stayed like this for 4 years!

Then I got tired of it. I'd been on Pinterest. I know you guys  know what I mean.

You surf Pinterest and you get ideas. Then you start looking around your house, and you're like, I could do that. I could totally nail that.

Luckily, I love how my wall turned out. I included the husband in the decision-making too. Its the most used room in the entire house. I wanted it to appeal to everyone.

So I started off this project, by taking every single picture down off my walls from the entire main level and stairwell. All of them.

The husband was not pleased with the amount of nail holes left behind. He quickly got over it when daughter got ahold of a magenta crayon. I'm still cleaning up magenta crayon. I'm convinced she has a stockpile of them.

I've strayed again. Anyways, so I took down all of my pictures, and got input from the husband as to what he wanted up on the wall. There was one caveat - Luella was front and center. Not negotiable.

Luella is the cow. My sister gave her to me a few Christmases back and I love her so much. The boys like her too, especially since my big guy sees a volcano in the middle of her head.

So that was my jumping off point. Luella goes top center above the TV. What then?

Husband didn't want a lot of color up there. He likes it a bit subdued. I love color!

We compromised. Small bits of color, except for the art I made a few years back.

Then we needed to balance out the other side. Husband suggested the picture that our big guy painted in kindergarten. Perfect!

I love this picture. I love that my kid drew it. It makes me happy.

Ok so we have our anchor points. Now just to fill in the rest.

Our last name begins with B so we have a lot of "B" art in the house. Lets use that!

I plan on reintroducing the posts I put up for each of these B's. The quilled B is still one of my favorite projects.

I also have a big B that I bought from Kirkland's that we put up, along with some chalkboard art I made.

And then before we knew it, the wall was done.

Everyone is happy with it, and all's right with the world. Well, maybe not the last, but its a nice thought.

Friday, I'll be sharing the quilled B project. It was one of the most popular posts on my old blog, and I'm super excited to reintroduce it. 

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  1. That’s an amazing idea, and one that is so simple it surprises me that I haven’t thought of it myself, but it really transforms your TV. Instead of an unattractive black mirror, it’s a centerpiece for the art that surrounds it. Have you ever considered a career as an interior director? I feel like you have the talent for it.

    Jeanmarie @ RVM