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Adding Color to the Laptop Desk

After the success I had with chalk paint on the console, I decided that my poor laptop desk needed some love. You remember the laptop desk - the one from {THIS} post.

I had been on the fence about doing anything to the laptop desk, because the graining was so pretty on it, but the scratches, dings, and dents were not so pretty. I decided that the top and the drawers could be left alone, but the body of the desk needed to be covered. Now I just needed a color. 

I was perusing my new HGTV magazine, and the backsplash in one of the spreads was just the color I was looking for. It was Toasted Coffee by Valspar, and that was definitely the color I wanted to add to my desk, until I saw it in person. In the magazine it looked more of a mustardy yellow-orange, but in person it was a lot more orange than mustard yellow, and while I liked the color, it would not do for my desk. It was way too loud. 

It really didn't take any time at all to find a new perfect color. I've been trying to incorporate more purple into my orange and aqua scheme, so I headed down to the purples and there was my winner. Chocolate Raspberry by Valspar. Its a lovely aubergine color. Not too purple, not too red, not too brown. Just right to compliment the red tones in my desk.

Vintage Painted Sewing/Laptop Desk

So after mixing up another batch of chalk paint per the instructions {HERE}, I put 2 coats of paint on the desk. I topcoated the painted sections of the desk with 2 coats of poly. 

Then it was time to decide on hardware. I really needed to replace it, because one of the handles on the drawers was broken. I was trying to keep the update cheap though, and I knew we had a couple different types of handles around the house. 

After some back and forth with the husband about his $.02 on the handles, the more streamlined handles were chosen. I really wanted the cup handles, but they didn't match the style of the desk. They were just too heavy looking. 
Choosing Hardware

The next item to fix was the little handles on the surface extender things. I ended up spraying them with chrome and aluminum spray paint. Its not a great match, but from a distant you can't tell. The two knobs on the center portion of the desk are from the console. I love the little touch of whimsy they add!

So here's what the desk did look like -

Vintage Sewing/Laptop Desk

And here it is now -

Vintage Painted Sewing/Laptop Desk

Vintage Painted Sewing/Laptop Desk

Love!!! I am so glad I decided to paint her. Now it's time to add some love to my new chair, I just need to find some fabric.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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