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Vintage Sewing Desk to Laptop Desk

Vintage Sewing Desk to Laptop Desk

About a month ago, I told my husband I wanted to move my laptop from my sewing room, which is in the basement and pretty isolated, to our main level.

Where are you thinking?
How about over in the butler's pantry area? I can take the legs off of the dresser we have there now, and convert that into a coffee table for the living room. Move the bench that's in the living room into the family room as a new coffee table for in there, and then move the coffee table in the family room down into the basement. I'll move the kids' table that's in the basement upstairs in the common area, and then we can put away Rae's activity noise-maker table. Easy Peasy.

He said ok, what are you thinking for a desk?

I found a plan on Ana White's site that I really like. Then that changed, and changed again, and then changed when I found this perfect little number at the Salvation Army store.

Vintage Sewing Desk

This is the photo I sent the hubs when I first saw the desk. It was love at first site, and it was only $75. The desk I'd been planning on making was going to cost about $55 for the materials, and then plus my time and effort. $75 was a steal for what this desk was saving me in labor!

The next hurdle was could I get it home?

Of course, I can get it home. I have a big car.

Oh wait. I have the baby with me. Did I put her car seat on the 40 split side or the 60 split side? Please let me have put it on the 40 split side.

I did! I thought ahead, or it was just plain dumb luck.

Getting the vintage sewing desk home

Rae looks a little confused.

So I get the desk home and move it into the house with help from the boys. It sits in the living room for about 4 hours, before I start rearranging stuff and moving it to its new home.

I get her cleaned up and wiped down, and admire my pretty new desk.
in its new home

She's a little banged up, but nothing I can't fix. I'm debating painting her feet, since that's where most of the damage is.

the inside of the sewing desk

Look how great that sliding drawer is! Look at all the rest of the drawers!

Inside of the desk

I ended up having to rotate those handles, so that my laptop would fit in that space, and I decided that I needed a memo board.

Adding a memo board under the lid

I had a thin 11x14 canvas lying around that I covered in some left over fabric that I had from pillows I'd just recovered in our family room. I also had the rope trim. The only thing I had to buy was a spool of gold ribbon. I attached the memo board to the desk with velcro dots. I ended up having to hot glue the dots to the back of the memo board, because they kept falling off.

Finished desk setup

So there's my pretty new laptop desk. I cannot say enough how much I love this desk and having my computer back on the main level. Its ok to be isolated while sewing, its much better for my focus, but having the computer in a more local spot just works better for me.

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