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Stainless Steel Dresser Ikea Hack

You know that moment when your kids become a little less kid-like and little more not-kid?

I am kind of loving that my oldest has started transitioning into a teenager. Not the mood swings or sass, but the good stuff. Like being able to discuss Greek gods. He loves the Percy Jackson series of books, and I love that he and I can discuss the Greek gods like adults. I love Greek mythology, and so does he. I think we surprised my husband one night by how in-depth we got talking about them.

Anyways, I have veered off-track again, so back to him growing up. As his interests have expanded, so have his tastes and his personality.

When the boys shared a room, we labeled their dressers so it was easier for Small Fry to know which drawers were his and out of which drawers he should pick his clothes. Once Small Fry moved back into his own room, the labels became superfluous for Big Guy.

Then I introduced him to Pinterest. It started with his birthday. He wanted a minecraft birthday party last year, so one day when I needed him occupied so I could focus on something else, I handed him my phone and had the Pinterest app opened and told him to do a search on minecraft birthday party ideas. Well the floodgates opened. He had a blast pinning stuff and exploring.

He started pinning things he liked for his room and not just the party. If you look at his board, {HERE}, you'll see all sorts of minecraft stuff for his room. Some of them, we've done. Other's I'd still like to tackle. Like {THIS} desk lamp!

Then he pinned this dresser. Wait. What?

You like that dresser? Yep.

What do you like about it? He liked that it was shiny, and simple.

Ok. I have flashing. I can get nails. We can do this, and for cheap. I already have stainless steel flashing. The nails I got off ebay for less than $15.

This is one revamp that didn't take much effort or skill. Just patience, and coordination.

I simply took each drawer out. Traced the face of the drawer onto the stainless steel flashing. Cut the flashing with my tin snips, while trying not to cut myself.

Lined up the cut out piece of flashing on the drawer face, and hammered my nails in. I eyeballed everything.

If the flashing cupped a bit, then I added more nails. I was not worried about consistency. I figure it adds more personality. I also pieced some of the drawer faces together. Waste not, want not, and all that.

I also worked the edges of the flashing over the edges of the dresser to try and lessen the sharp edges. It seems to have worked, because no one has needed a tetanus shot.

I love how the dresser looks now. It looks completely fabulous, and I  am not to proud to admit that I'm jealous of my kid's dresser.

I guess it's a good thing I finally hammered out what I want to do to replace the husband's and my nightstands. I see an Ikea trip in my future.

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!

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