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The Monday Report - Intermediary Week 2

The Monday Report

This week wasn't a total loss. I did get runs in, but not as many as I probably should've done.

This is a new week however, and I'm excited about starting fresh next week.

I need to start thinking about my eating. I've been slacking, but that'll be a post for later.

I did get a lot of walking done this week, so that's something, I suppose. I'm still aching, but really that's just because I have a toddler that likes to be held, and she's just getting to big for that. The week was fairly uneventful, but there's the recap nonetheless.

The Rundown

The Rundown Collage

Friday - I'm glad I scheduled another run with my sister. This one wasn't quite as fun as the trail, but still a good run. We ran with the stroller in tow, and man, even on flat ground that's still a workout.

Saturday - I didn't get up early, and was able to participate in Saturday morning shenanigans with the boys, which was fun. I'm glad I was there for that. I did pay the price later, because I didn't get out to the battlefield until almost noon, and it was hot! It was the perfect chance to break in my new hydration pack. I'm seriously in love with this hydration pack. It's life changing. I had no shoulder pain! At all! I could've added more ice to my pack, but it stayed cold for the entire run. My pace was a bit all over the pace, but I really wasn't concerned about it. I was out there just for miles and fun. I ran when I felt awesome and walked when I needed to or when I thought if I ran I'd break my neck. Tree roots, anyone? I did average a 12:55 pace, which I didn't think was too bad. Oh, I did try out GU for the first time, and I was pretty impressed. I ate it just after mile 3, and I really didn't feel like I needed another gel until about 5.5 miles. It was getting really hot then. The GU was different and I definitely needed something to wash it down, but I'm thinking I may pick up a few for the half on Saturday.

Sunday - I didn't run, but I did walk a lot, and cheer. Both my sister and I did. The hubs ran the Navy 5-miler, and we were his cheerleaders. We had a blast, and the hubs said the course was gorgeous. Not to mention the weather was freaking gorgeous for the race. I was a bit jealous that I didn't run with him. I should've done. I'm so proud of him! He accomplished his goal of running it in under an hour, and he even had a bit of time to spare!

Navy 5 Miler Collage

Again, I'm not setting goals this week. I'm just going to keep the following in mind.

Cheers everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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