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A Tale of Two Quilts

There must be something in the water. Everyone is having babies!

Some of them have had their babies already, and some are in the final stretch. 

I'm glad I didn't drink any of that water! Our family of 5 is big enough, even if my Big Guy told me he was going to pray for us to have another little sister. I think he may have changed that prayer though, after Baby Girl got into his coloring stuff. Yay siblings!

So back to the plethora of babies. Only one of the quilts I made was for a new baby. The other one was for my baby. My baby who's really not such a baby any more. 
Two Quilts Full

She is in a bigger bed now. 

And that bigger bed needs an awesome quilt. To bad she has to wait until next week to get this quilt. It's for her birthday. 

I had a lot of fun making this quilt. It's different than any other quilt I've made, because I wanted a specific pattern to it. 

When I first made a quilt, I followed along with Obsessively Stitching First Quilt Series. I still reference it! It's so informative. 

Baby Girl's quilt took a bit of math to figure out what I needed of each type of fabric, but it wasn't that difficult, just took some pen and paper. 

Baby Girl's Paris Quilt

I love all of these fabrics so much. Mom and I had a bit of fun putting them all together, and then on another trip to a different fabric store, I changed the backing fabric. The original backing was going to the be the scripty pink fabric, but when I saw the other fabric, it was just too perfect. 

I don't do free-motion quilting, but I can straightline quilt like a champ. Maybe one of these days I'll get up the courage to do some free-motion quilting. 

The second quilt I made, was actually the first one done, and followed the same design as other quilts I've done. 

What makes this quilt special is that the flannel squares with all the animals on them is the same fabric I used in Small Fry's nursery. It makes the quilt that much more special, I think. 

Baby Boy's Quilt

When someone realized I was taking pictures, she bogarted the chair I was using. She also posed for some silly pictures. Love my crazy Baby Girl. 

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I'm off to work on a new dress for me! 

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