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Bringing in the Big Girl Room

Can you believe that in about a week Baby Girl is going to be 2 years old?

That's craziness!

We're starting to transition her nursery into a big girl room. It's a process.

Luckily, it doesn't involve a whole lot.

Change the window treatments, bring in the toddler bed and create storage for the growing collection of big girl items, like headbands and hair elastics.

Two of those things are already done!

I love being able to knock out multiple projects.

Like this super easy Oatmeal Container Headband Holder.

There are a ton of tutorials about there for these things, so I'm not going to bore y'all with that.

I'm just going to show off the finished project. I'm a cheat like that.

So here's her newly cleaned off dresser. Let's see if it stays like this. The bouquet is made up of leftover flowers from my sister's wedding bouquet, and the trinket box was made by her great-grandfather. I love all of the personal touches.

This happened too. It's the same bed that both her brothers' transitioned into. I spray painted it black though. One, because it matched better, and two, because black hides a lot of the damage the boys did to that poor bed. It's seen things. I don't want to see those things.

For her birthday, I'm making Baby Girl this -

I think it'll cap off her bed quite nicely.

Well I need to get back to my sewing table. I need to knock out a dress for me for Gold Cup! See y'all later!

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