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The Monday Report - Winter Training Week 2

The Monday Report

Absolutely no running happened this week.

Probably not a good thing. That's not to say that I didn't get any workouts in. I did. I went to spin and did PiYo: Lower Body.

Since I only managed two workouts the recap will be fairly short and sweet.

Oh I am going to also brag about finishing the colors of one whole wing on my butterfly tattoo. 5 half marathons in one year. I love how my butterfly is evolving.

The RunDown


Tuesday - I went to spin again. I have determined that I dislike spin. It feels weird and it's harder than running, which is why I'm still going to go to every class. If I don't like it, because it's hard then it must mean that I'm working something that needs to be worked on. I did do better than last week. I went .2 miles further. I am chalking that up as a win.

Wednesday - PiYo: Lower Body is such a great workout. I mean, it's work, but it feels so magnificently good. I definitely needed the stretching. I still hate tricep push-ups. They're the devil.

So the goals, are still to just keep plugging away at the workouts and enjoy the Parks 10k on Sunday.

I will leave you with this motivation though - it's what I've been repeating to myself all week.

Motivational Moment

Have a terrific Monday!

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