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The Monday Report - Winter Training Week 3

The Monday Report

Hello all! I hope this Monday finds all of you well.

I'm exhausted. This month has been hectic for us, and there's little reprieve in sight. I am thankful for our blessings though. I'm just a little tired. Frazzled, even.

Training this week was good. I got in three runs and a power walk that might've been the death of me if it weren't for my friend suffering through it with me. The walk was tougher than the runs!

I'm still getting back into the swing of things with Baby Girl and her stroller in tow. That thing is a workout in and of itself. Holy crap! 2 of the workouts included pushing it around. It didn't help that one of the wheels is a little low on air, so the stupid thing wanted to tug to the right the whole time.

I need to remember to put the bike pump in the car, and just have it with me all the time.

Overall, this was a great week. Not much cross-training got done, save the walk, but the runs were good. So here's the scoop!

The Rundown

The Rundown

Monday - I ended up waiting until the husband got home so I could grab a quick 3 miles by myself. I needed it. This run was more about  my sanity than anything else. The kids are at each other's throats and Baby Girl is the reason for a lot of the strife. She just doesn't understand that she's not the boss. I felt like a million bucks after this run. It was rejuvenating and refreshing, and even if I did come home to chaos, it wasn't that bad, because I'd been able to show the pavement who was boss.

Tuesday - My spin class got canceled, but there was a new stroller group being formed within our MRTT group, so I met up with another stroller-wielding momma and we banged out some easy miles. Well, I think they were more easy for her, because I got a terrible cramp in my right shoulder (again) and I totally blame Baby Girl, her behemoth stroller, and spin. It was really great to get out with MRTT again. I did totally forget to snap a pic while out there though, so you get scrunchy dangit face.

Thursday - Thursday is usually my rest day, but I didn't get my workout in on Wednesday and I was fairly certain that Friday's workout wasn't going to happen, so I met up with the MRTT girls again and power walked the same loop from Tuesday. By the end of that walk, my calves were screaming. Man, who knew that keeping a 13:30 pace while walking would be such a butt-kicking workout? I'd obviously forgotten, because I feel like at one point I knew this.

Sunday - The Parks 10K! I'm not going to say too much about this, because I'm going to review the race later in the week, but I will say that it was just as awesome as I remember it being. It was a wonderful way to spend my Sunday morning, and I got to spend the morning with my mom. Double win!

I did have another awesome notch in this week's belt. I hit 1,005 miles run since I started really tracking my runs in 2011. If you guys follow me on Instagram (@sewhalfcrazy) then you'll know that this happened after Tuesday's run.

I got the thinking while writing this post.......Just how far is 1,005 miles?

What 1,005 miles looks like on a map

It's the distance from London to Sarajevo, as the crow flies.  Now to actually drive between the two is 1, 284 miles.

Pretty neat.

I'm just going to end this post with this little meme. It speaks to me, and hopefully y'all too.

Happy Monday!

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