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Throwback Post - Pocket Watch Ornaments

I'm sharing one of the most popular posts from my old blog, and if know me then you know I have a thing for watches. I love them. As decor, fashion statements, tools, etc. Love them. This post from 5 years ago, is more proof of my watch love. These ornaments still hold a near and dear place in my heart. So read on to see how I made them.

Original Post from December 2010

I wanted to incorporate some clocks into my tree, but I didn't know what time to put on them. So I tried thinking of what times were meaningful to me.

Eureka! Again! I decided to put the times that the boys were born. 6:30 and 3:53. *Baby Girl also now has her own clock ornament. Her time is 1:21*

So I found a clock image {again} at The Graphics Fairy and then made a couple of clock hands using Photoshop shapes. I googled free photoshop clock hand shapes.

After creating the clock faces I made sure that I could print them out on the front and back of the sheet by positioning each one a 1/4" down from the top of the page and 1/4" away from each edge.

After printing, I had one of each clock image on either side of my paper. I cut them out (I made my clock faces 2-3/4" to fit inside the ornament) and then inked the edges.

So how do I get them to stay upright inside the ornament? More glue! So I {very carefully} dripped a couple of drops of glue into the bottom center of the ornament and then rolled the paper up and shoved it inside. I then used the backside of a paintbrush to kind of uncurl the paper and get it positioned in the glue. Then I clipped a small clothespin to the top of the image. My clothespins were small enough to fit inside the lip of the ornament, and kept the image upright and in place until the glue dried, which took forever!

After the glue dried, I just dumped a small amount of glitter into each ornament to hide the glue spot and shook it around. Then I put the hanger back in and hung up.

Easy Peasy, and it holds a lot of sentimental value!

I hope you guys have a terrific day! I'm off to make the last of the ornaments for tomorrow and then hopefully start sewing. :)

Have a great day guys!

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