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Pattern Review - Lion Brand Best Dressed Vest

It's really amusing to me that I didn't want to learn how to knit, because now I can't imagine sitting down and watching TV without having something being knitted in my lap.

Last night, or maybe it was very early this morning, I finished my latest project.

I have resting bitch face down. Or maybe this should be more accurately described as 2 crappy nights of sleep, thanks to my toddler, and I haven't had my coffee yet. 

So the pattern is by Lion Brand, and is the Best Dressed Vest. I love that a lot of these yarn companies offer free patterns. Free makes the project that much more fun. Ok, maybe not, but it certainly doesn't hurt. 

You can see the progression of when I realized I looked way to grumpy, so I went to snarky. That's the best I've got before my coffee. 

I like that the vest is a little roomy, and that it's got some Dolman-esque drape to it. Overall the pattern was very easy to follow and perfect for my not-quite honed knitting skills. My pick ups are getting much better, and the ribbing is getting more consistent. Just so you guys have a reference point, the button down I'm wearing is tunic length, so the sweater is a nice long length that doesn't cut you off right at the waist. 

The yarn is also super comfortable. It's Heartland in Kings Canyon. It's a wash and dry type of yarn, which is important, because I've lost a number of sweaters to fussy yarn. 

I hope you guys stay warm today! It was 10 here this morning. Perfect day for my new sweater. 

Have a great day!

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