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The Monday Report - Not much to report

I would love to tell you guys that I had a stellar week, and in some respects I did. 

I improved my eating, and started tracking stuff towards the end of the week. I feel really good about that. 

I only "worked out" once. I went to spin on Tuesday, and it was a fabulous class. 

Then the house got the rest of my attention. Christmas got fully put away, and we started on a huge project in the basement. 

So while last week could've been better in the exercise department, I feel good about the week as whole, mostly because of getting my diet back under control, and even if I didn't do dedicated workouts, I was still active and moving. 

This week starts Spring Training, and I'm totally counting our hauling of wood and cabinets as cross training on Sunday. Oh and there were many, many, MANY trips up and down our basement stairs.  

Well I need to get my butt to the gym, so I can get in my run. See you guys later! 

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