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The Monday Report - Week 4

The Monday Report

This week went better than previous weeks. I got in 3 dedicated workouts, and more than a few housecleaning workouts.

Overall the week went well, it wasn't until the end of the week, when things got a little busy gearing up for the Super Bowl, did I trade in my runs for running up and down my stairs multiple times. 

I need to start getting in all my runs. DC is next month. Thankfully we're done with parties and holidays and what not for a bit. 

On to the recap!


Monday - I finally was able to run outside! It was a quick run, but so very glorious to be outside. Just a great relaxed run. 2.63 miles @ 11:18

Tuesday - Spin class was awesome. There's really no other way to describe it. 21.2 miles

Friday - Got out in the evening and got in a 40 minute run. It was lovely to be out there, but I did have to modify my route a bit, because of still melting snow drifts. I don't know that I layered up enough on my legs. They never got warm. Happy with pace though. - 3.34 miles @ 11:22


Motivational Moment

Get in every workout. I'm still struggling with this. If I don't get in every workout, I need to at least get in every run. 

Back to the food straight and narrow. There are no more parties or holidays, my eating can improve a bit. 

I also need to get back on a better sleep schedule. Going to bed after midnight every night does not make for a happy camper. Especially when the kids wake up at 6:30. 

So there is it. On to a new week! Happy Monday everyone! 

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