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The Monday Report - Week 10

This week was a very exciting week.

I got to break in my new shoes!

I'm a dork. I know it, but I can't help it. I get excited about new stuff.

The overall week wasn't great, I let crappy weather keep me inside. At church though, the pastor said something that spoke to me. He equated faith with not quitting. It made me think of how faithful I'd been to my running. I've never quitted, but I have gotten lazy and complacent, which in some respects is just as bad. I need to refocus. Part of my issue is that I've decided not to try and PR RnR Nashville. I'm going to run the 5k with my sister, and then immediately head into the half marathon. It'll be further than I've ever run, but given that it's the longest distance I've run, I'm not going to go for the PR. I'll PR the distance.

So now that some of the gushing is out of the way, let's get to the meat and potatoes of the post.


Tuesday - Went to spin. It was my first exercise after the half. My quads were complaining. I ignored them, but I also took it a bit easy. I didn't push myself the way I normally would've. I think adding spin to my repertoire has been a really good thing for me and my fitness goals. I'm also lucky that my very good friend teaches it and she happens to be an awesome teacher/motivator.

Wednesday - ITS NEW SHOE DAY! There was no way this workout was going to get skipped, it was even more fortuitous that I had a fartlek on the schedule, because any stroller run is going to be a fartlek, at least for me. The run was great, except for the bits where Baby Girl threw her weight to one side and made the stroller go up on 2 wheels. That wasn't so fun, but even with her added challenge I still managed to knock almost a full minute off my pace time from the previous week. I tackled the run the exact same way as I did last week. I ran when I felt good, and walked when I needed to, usually up the hills. I did do some uphill running on the balls of my feet too.


  1. Run. Just run. 
  2. Sleep. I'm still struggling with this. 
  3. Stretch. I need to incorporate more stretching. Stretch days are not rest days. 
Well that's the report for today! 

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