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The Monday Report - A Day Late and a Little Short

I hate when I find a groove, and start to get into the new routine and then BAM! 

No more routine. That happened last Sunday when I decided that I would stall on running my long run, and put a coat of stain on a project before heading out into the rain. 

I should've just run. 

I ended up putting one of those 7-1 tools into my index finger. 2 stitches later, I was not running, and planning on how my workouts would go. 

I couldn't put any weight on my left hand, because then the stitches would be pulled on, not mention that it hurt. 

So I didn't do a lick of PiYo last week.

I did go to spin on Tuesday, which was fun, and not overly hard on my hand. I did have to shake it out a bit, but I pushed harder than usual because I was in this situation because I was being lazy. Not anymore! I will repent! I will work hard! It didn't hurt that Tuesday's music line-up at class was awesome. I sang every song, not loudly, of course, but I sang. Gotta make those lungs multitask. I was really trying to hit 20.6 miles, but I ended up only at 20.4 or 20.5. 20.5 miles is the highest mileage I've ever gotten to during class.

 I also tried a new hairstyle. I did 3 pony tails down the back of my head. I really liked how secure it was, and it didn't bounce, but I didn't like the last pony tail sitting on my neck. I ended up redoing that pony tail into a bun-like thing, so that my hair wasn't lying against my neck.

Thursday I did 3.3 miles with a fellow MRTT momma, and she graciously pushed Baby Girl for me. It was hot. So hot. It started off really nice, and then hot. And humid. Lest I forget how humid it got. We looked like we'd been through a set of sprinklers by the time we got back to our cars. A shower has never felt so good. Oh and this is the day that our a/c broke. It's got a leak (we think) and is freezing up every so often. Super fun times! Thankfully, we've been managing, and hopefully the a/c guy can see us before the 2 weeks he told us it'd be. Owning a home is not nearly as fun as they said it'd be.

Well that's my week. I got two workouts in and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with friends and family all weekend. I ate way to much, drank a little more than I should've, and now it's back to the grind. The stitches have come out, but I think I'm going to let the finger fully heal before I start adding PiYo back in. The finger and palm are still a bit sore for the whole ordeal.

The pool is open now, and the boys are hounding me to take them already. I may have to give in. I'm certain that the ice cold water the pool was filled with will make our slightly warm house feel better.

Have a great week guys! 

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