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The Monday Report - PiYo Week 2

The 2nd week of PiYo started off terrifically and then ended with a bang, and not the good kind of bang.

I got in every workout until Friday, but even though I didn't get in an official workout, I still did a buttload of cleaning. Cleaning is a good workout. Oh and I did walk a nice brisk mile with Baby Girl. 

I imploded a little Friday night, because the girls came over and I cut loose. No biggie. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Saturday was a full day of school events, and now we come to Sunday. 

I didn't want to get up early for my run, so I decided to sleep in and go running after church. It was raining, again. I'm so tired of rain, so after church my motivation to run was waning. I was stalling, and decided to get a coat of stain on the window cornice. Simple, right? Nope. 

I ended up stabbing my finger with the paint can opener and needing a couple of stitches. Good times!

Well, my bandaged hand just means I'll be modifying this week, but unfortunately no PiYo will be getting done. My hand is a little tender, and I would rather not risk popping a stitch.

Enough about my stupidity, on to the recap!


Monday - PiYo Define: Upper & Lower Body was a nice workout. Not to hard, after my long run, but definitely needed. My lower body felt great going through the motions and stretching. Upper body was also good, but I wouldn't say great, because push-ups. 

Tuesday - Spin and PiYo Sweat. Can you say sweatfest? Gave 110% percent at both workouts and felt great. Push-ups are getting easier. Stupid push-ups. 

Wednesday - PiYo Core was a nice respite from the drenching the day before. I almost felt like I was cheating until I felt some of those oft forgotten core muscles. While I may not have worked up a good sweat and felt like I was cheating, those muscles got worked. They told me about it. 

Thursday - Second double day of the week, but it was a great set of workouts. PiYo Define: Upper Body was up first, and the push-ups are getting easier. That's kind of impressive. Ran 4 miles that afternoon, and it was splendiferous! I never really found a rhythm again, and my back was a little achy but I pushed. I ended up being rewarded by averaging an 11:01 pace. Yay!

I usually have weekly goals, but I think I might do away with them, but I will leave you guys with a nice motivational meme. 

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