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The Monday Report - Late and Half-Arsed Edition

Hey everyone! I know it's late, but I do have a super short and sweet report for you.

 I really threw in the towel last week. I got two workouts in, but finished a lot of projects.

Not that any of those projects have posts written, but they got done.  So here's my super quick and dirty recap! 

Tuesday was spin, of course, and I pushed it because I knew what kind of week it was going to be. I was trying for a distance PR, but missed it by a smudge. Oh well. I know the effort I put in, so that's all there really is to it. 
 I made an effort to get out on June 1, aka Global Running Day, and run. I headed out to the Greenway and fully enjoyed it's flat and shaded path for the first mile. Then my dinner choice, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and the heat caught up with me, and I went between berating myself for not running, and praying that I didn't see my dinner again. I've definitely forgotten how miserable hot runs are. I need to acclimate myself to them again. Summer training starts in a few weeks, and unless I want to wake up before the sun rises, then I'm going to be running in the heat. I will say that this run was marvelous though. The entire length of the run smelled like honeysuckle and that is one of my all-time favorite scents. 
Thursday brought the kids and I to the pool, where I managed to get in maybe 7 minutes of laps during break time, but the rest of the hour we were at the pool was spent catching Baby Girl, and then pushing her back towards the wall/stair/brother. I forgot what a workout just doing laps was. I concentrated on using my arms and shoulders during the laps, they needed some focus time. I am also super proud of my Big Guy. He passed the swimming test so he can now swim in the deep end with his friends. I just need to get Small Fry squared away with swimming lessons and hopefully I'll stop hearing the litany of complaints from him about how it's not fair that he can't be in the deep end. 
Well that's my week. This week is probably not going to be much better, but I'm owning it. Not every week is going to be stellar and that's ok. 


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