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The Monday Report - 4 Weeks In

Well last week didn't go as well as it could've done. I didn't get my long run. It was selfish. I wanted to spend time with my boy before he left for camp. It was also hot. Brain melting hot. So here's the recap.

Tuesday - Spin was awesome! I had goals, and I beat them to death with my awesome determination. Beast mode came out, because I was going to beat last week's distance, and then opportunity knocked by way of maintaining 90 rpm for 3 minutes, to get a good watt average, I decided that gear 18 was my bitch. I may have actually growled and and kicked it up. I didn't dip below 85 and even then it wasn't for long and not until the last 40 seconds. So that put my average watts at 148, so I doubled that per the exercise on the next round, then I wanted to see if I could do more. I hit 400+ again. There was a bit of growling, but man did it feel invigorating. I ended the class with 23.5 miles. A tenth of a mile further than last week. BAM!

Wednesday - I got out somewhat early and beat the heat, but the humidity is not relenting. The sun also feels like it was a hitching a ride on my shoulders. In the shade, the breeze was magnificent even if I was running into it. I walked when I needed water, but mainly because I'm not coordinated. I did feel better during this run than I have. My pace was still slow, but I was intentionally keeping it slow. Trying to rebuild my fitness is proving a bit more difficult and slow-going than I anticipated, but it's my own fault. 3.5 miles with an average pace of 12:35. Not too shabby. 

Friday - So hot. I picked the shadiest  route I could think of and it didn't make a lick of difference. It was 3.5 miles of slow and not so steady running. My pace varied a lot, but it got done. It wasn't pretty.

The heat also contributed to me not running on Sunday, as I mentioned above, but I did entertain the idea of an evening run. In the end, I walked around with my boy while he caught pokemon. It was a lovely bit of time with him before he left for a week with his pack. I'm not sorry for it.

 Have I mentioned how much I miss winter? I really miss winter. I'm trying to think cool thoughts, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Next week is a new week! Let's hope I'm more motivated! 

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