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The Monday Report - Training Week 3

Week 3 of training is in the books, and I may have taken my break from fitness a bit too seriously. I ache. It's also been stupid hot out. I am not a good runner in oppressive heat, but I try. I really need to start following my training plan. I haven't done a lick of the T25 part of my plan, but I've been good with the running. I have been walking more, so there's that, and when we're at the pool I do try to do some arm work. Mostly arm work = catching Baby Girl and then sending her back to the ladder so she can jump in again. It might not be much of a workout, but after 30 minutes of that my arms are feeling tired. So without further ado here's the recap.

Tuesday - Spin. I love spin. Spin is the best. I killed my previous PR for distance during class. 23.4 miles! Hell yea! Not to mention, that I also hit 400 watts during one of the exercises. Booyah! Killed it. Thank goodness for this class, because without these NSV I don't know that I'd have been as gung-ho about getting in my other workouts. 

Thursday - I was supposed to run on Wednesday, but then the kids wanted to go to the pool, so I told myself I'd do laps during break. Well wouldn't you know it, but 15 minutes into our pool visit, there's a huge crack of thunder. So much for laps or running. Dang it. So when we went back to the pool on Thursday, I was bound and determined to do laps. I got 10 minutes worth of laps in, and man did I work. I tried to make my arms/shoulders do most of the work, and very little help from my legs. That's a workout. I know it was only 10 minutes, but I was beat. 
Friday - I actually got up early! I went running before my kids were up! Well one did get up as I was leaving, but I put on a movie and told him I'd be back in a bit and out the door I went! It was glorious for the first mile, and then the sun burned through the clouds and it got hot, fast. I went through my entire bottle of water in just over 3 miles. I had to walk a bit and but my feet problems weren't bothering me. That's a win. I'm really not acclimated to summer running. I miss winter.

Saturday - We headed to the zoo for the hub's company picnic and we had a blast. I think we ended up walking over 8 miles. I was a little disappointed that only one of the big cats were out, but the kids still had a blast. Orangutans and the Sea Lions were the favorites. Elephants came in a close third. I did get annoyed that I had to go off what the hub's fitbit app said we walked, because my garmin only tracked 2500 steps, which I know was way off. I wish the watch tracked better when you're pushing a stroller.

Sunday - I should've woken up early, but I just didn't want to. I did get out and run my 5 miles, but I paid for sleeping in. It wasn't overly hot temperature wise, but man the sun felt like it was riding on my back the whole time. I did try out a new route, and the new loop ended up being 5 miles exactly. Perfect! There's a bit more traffic on this loop, but the views are pretty worth it. Seeing the Blue Ridge at the top of the overpass was totally worth it. The breeze up there was also a welcome bonus. Too bad it didn't last. There is very little shade on this route, and you do get close to some of the traffic. Most of the route has wide shoulders or sidewalks, but some bits don't. Overall still a fun route.

I did end up having to walk more than I wanted on this run, but that's because of the heat, and me not being used to it. I was cooked by the time I was approaching the last mile. I'm glad I brought my pack, because I went through almost all 70 oz of it. My pace was slower than I would've liked, but given all the variables, I'm pretty happy with my splits, and the fact that my feet didn't hurt at all during this run.

Mile 1 - 11:33
Mile 2 - 13:04
Mile 3 - 12:47
Mile 4 - 13:58
Mile 5 - 12:38

I did get to try out some new tech on this run. The hubs got me a new Garmin VivoActive HR, and this was its debut. I'm going to go into more detail about the watch in another post, but I am thoroughly impressed with the watch so far. I was a little nervous that knowing all of the extra data would overwhelm me, but so far I'm finding it pretty interesting. I need to adjust the data fields, because the default ones are just way more than I want to know during a run. I'm pretty simplistic on what I want to know during an activity.

Well that was my week. Thankfully, today is a rest day, and I plan on resting. Well if you consider resting, cleaning up the main floor of the house and moving some more stuff into my sewing room. I can't wait until this room-switcheroo is over.

Have a fantastic week guys! 

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