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The Monday Report - Three More Weeks Done

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but summer is really gotten its claws into every aspect of my schedule, or lack thereof.

It also doesn't help that my sinuses have gone haywire. Fall is coming y'all. The nose knows, and I'm so over it. I'm so over the pressure and the general feeling of lethargy. 

It's also been a bit hot. I imagine that the surface of the sun is cooler. The heat wouldn't be so bad if it weren't as humid as it is, but hey, let's hang out at 90% humidity, that's cool. Not. 

I'm super awesome at excuses. Maybe if I were a bit more dedicated then I would've gotten in more than one long run, or written more than one blog post in 3 weeks, but I'm not. It's just on of those moments in time where eating breakfast is an accomplishment, because I'm so tired of being a snotty mess that it's drained everything from me. 

Enough of my whining and bitching and moaning. Let's discuss what did get done.

Tuesday - This would be my last spin class for a while. I didn't plan it that way, but it happened. It was a terrific class. I hit 500 watts! I couldn't sustain gear 18 for 3 minutes, but I was dang close. It was a terrific class as always.

Friday - So hot. I did 4 miles and felt OK for most of it, I mean, other than being hot. The runs are starting to get easier, or at least feel easier. I still had to walk a bit, but I'm happy with the small improvements I'm noticing.

Tuesday - Ran a fartlek with my Big Guy at the battlefield. We did 2.5 miles, running between Pokemon stops. Had a great time with my guy, and saw some fun bits of nature. 

Friday - Such an invigorating run. It was still hot, and I should've brought water, but it got done. I'm still taking walk breaks, but I'm finding my groove much easier. 

Sunday - I actually did my long run! It was 60% humidity and I did 6 miles. It was glorious. I felt great for most of the run, and then, while I was stretching, the sprinklers turned on. Those sprinklers were magical. The runs are still getting easier, and I'm finding my groove. Still taking walk breaks, but they're getting shorter.

Wednesday - 4.5 miles done. It was miserably hot and humid, but it was overcast so I was hoping that'd help. It didn't. I can't wait to be able to sweat again during the run and not after I get home and into the a/c. Still taking walk breaks, but at least this time I remembered to bring my water. I'm finding that I like my pack better than holding the water bottle. The pack keeps my shoulders down and back, which helps my neck, which has been bothering me. It also holds my phone, which means I don't need to wear my armband. Wins all the way around.

So there is the 3-week recap. In reviewing it, I guess I can admit that it wasn't terrible, but there is certainly room for improvements.

Hopefully my sinuses ease up in the coming weeks, and I can feel like normal. I'm a bit tired of feeling like a pressure cooker.

 I will say that this feeling of cruddiness has seeped into everything and not just my running. I haven't sewn or crafted anything in weeks.

 Seriously, this sinus crap is like a vampire for energy and motivation.  Unfortunately, the only thing I can do is pray that the season changes quickly and keep plodding along.


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