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Pattern Review - Simplicity 1538

It may have taken a month, but I got this button down done - finally. I couldn't find buttons for it, so that put the brakes on this top. I finally ended up just going with simple black buttons. I did have grander notions of jet black snaps, but when I finally found some I did like, I didn't like their price tag. The snaps would've cost three times what the shirt cost me!

This is another stash busting project, but I do remember purchasing this fabric at Walmart. It was on clearance, and a great chambray. I paired it with a fun cotton geometric print, and had plans to make the hubs a new shirt. The hubs will not get his shirt though. When I told him of my plans, after finding the fabric again, he told me that he didn't really want another bowling shirt. That's fine with me, just means I get another new shirt. Who doesn't need another button down?

The pattern is fairly straightforward, and one I've made before. 

The last time I made this particular pattern, I was a size 22. That was 5 years ago. It's amazing at how discovering that reminded me of everything I've accomplished.   

This pattern has a couple of different yoke options. You can add a contrast to some bits or decide not to. I like the versatility. Really, this pattern isn't unlike any other button down pattern you come across. This would be a good 3rd or 4th pattern to make, as it covers basic sewing skills, while adding just a bit of harder instruction. The continuous lap, for instance, is a great example of why stay-stitching and clipping to the point is important. You can also have fun with your finishing and top-stitching. 

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