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The Monday Report - The Home Stretch

Welcome to another Monday Report. I've been terrible about posting, and my training has been going about as well as my posting. At least until school started. The start of school, began a magical week where I had time to get massive amounts of things done. It's been glorious. I even got 4 runs in. What?!!  I know. It's crazy talk.

So let's go back a few weeks. Three weeks to be exact. 

Tuesday - It's hot. So very hot and humid. All of my runs are terrible, and I've resigned myself to that fact. At least the sweat stains show that I put in some work. Is it sad that I'm happy when I can run 2 miles without having to take a walking break? I'm very much looking forward to a break in the heat or the humidity. I don't care which. 

Thursday - So let's discuss heat exhaustion, because that's what happened. I don't even know why. I made sure to hydrate and stay hydrated all this week. I think my electrolytes got off. Probably doesn't help that I decided that today was a good day to do intervals. It really wasn't. I was fine for the first 3.5 miles, and then I sort of fell apart. I managed to hold it together until 4.25 miles, and then I got a bit woozy and fuzzy headed. My eyes got blurry, but not blurry. I could see, but I couldn't focus on anything. So I slowed down to a walk, and considered calling my friend to get me, but then I looked at my watch and realized I was so close to being done, that I told myself to suck it up and finish. I did, but it wasn't pretty. The walk home was gruesome, but some self-deprecating encouragement got my feet all the way home. Gatorade and water fixed me right up, but if I'm honest, I was a little shaken up. 

Sunday - It was a glorious run with my sister through the battlefield. We ran a 10k around the 2nd battle loop. I found my stride around mile 3. It was lovely. I really wish my sister lived closer so we could run together more often. 

Wednesday - Another hot and miserable day. It wasn't a great run. I was slow and sluggish, but I got my miles. Moving miles are better than no miles right? 


Monday - The first day of school! It's so wonderful. I met up with some other MRTT'ers and ran 4 with them. Well there was some walking, because Baby Girl decided that she wanted to run too. Those little legs may move quickly, but they don't cover a lot of ground. It took us an hour to run 4. I'd forgotten just how heavy the stroller can be. An extra 60 pounds really makes a difference. 

Wednesday - What? Another stroller run in the books? That's amazing. Met up with a friend and we managed to knock almost 10 minutes off our time, even with Baby Girl wanting to walk part of the way. The stroller is still unwieldy, but it's an arm workout, right? 

Friday - Baby Girl and I have knocked out yet another 4 miles, and we managed to split the difference between Monday's and Wednesday's times. The first mile was even 11:15! The 2nd mile not so much, because Baby Girl ran some of it with me, and she did actually run. I kind of cantered to keep up with her. Mile 3 was glorious, and then mile 4 was another battle. Baby Girl wanted to run. I wanted to finish. I may have told Baby Girl there were bugs near where she was standing, and she dashed back to the stroller without argument. To my defense, there was a dragon fly. 

Sunday - Almost 8.5 wonderful miles around the big loop of the battlefield. My friend joined me for a wonderfully chill morning. It was awesome. We averaged a great pace around the park. It's funny how talking while running makes you forget how much work you're actually doing. The battlefield is still my most favorite trail to run. I love the peace that I'm imbued with after a run there. 

So that's the last 3 weeks. 3 weeks till the race. I'm feeling better about how I'm going to perform now that the heat has dissipated a bit. Let's hope we don't have to many more hot days ahead of us. 

Happy Labor Day All! 

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