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No Going Back Now

As I sit here, at my gate, waiting for the plane to Nashville to board, I've been reflecting on my training these last two weeks.

 It hasn't been great. In fact, I've only run once since my last Monday Report. Not the way to prep for a race.

I know better, but, as it so often does, life this week has been hectic. If there is one thing that I have learned this training session is that I need to get better about juggling work, family, and training time. 

Often, my training gets put on the back burner because the family stuff is getting shoved around, because my work hours have increased. I know many people juggle these things, but I'm out of practice. I need help. What do you guys do?

How do you guys manage it?

 Having my schedule in the bullet journal helps. It helps keep me sane, and helps relieve tension with the art I add to it. What I really need help with is prioritizing and not sabotaging myself.

I also think I need to reevaluate my goals. Why isn't pursuing a 2:30 half marathon motivating me the way that running my first half did? Is it the wrong goal?

 It's an admirable goal, but maybe I'm failing because I'm putting so much pressure on myself, and deep down I know that I'm not training the way I should be.

 I think I need to alter my goal. I think I need to approach my half marathons with a goal of setting a new PR, even if only by a few seconds.

 Progress is progress even if it's slow. So there are my ramblings as I wait to board my plane and get ready to run my 10th half marathon.

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