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The Monday Report - 1/3 done!

It's been awhile since I wrote a Monday Report, and figured it was high time to get back into the habit. Not that I think all of you are waiting on the edge of your seats for my report, but more for me. It's a good reflection for me. 

I'm in the middle of a short 6-week training schedule, and it's going pretty well. I am seeing improvement and that's really what I'm looking for.

So there's my 6 week plan that I posted up on IG a bit ago. I really like having it in my bullet journal. Something about marking off each little square is as satisfying as the workout itself.

So the first week, went pretty well. Unfortunately, my long run didn't get done, but that's because the hubs and I had plans for a mini-vacation that weekend, and it happens. The weather was all over place as you can see from the selfies, but it did feel good getting back out there on a regular schedule. I ended up logging 10 out of 17 miles. 

 So the 2nd week of training saw an improvement in my paces, and an awakening. I'm not really pushing myself during my long runs. I am keeping comfortable pace, but I could speed up a bit to improve my pace time. The weather is warming up, which is good because Nashville is going to be hot. I can't wait for warmer morning temps. 17 out of 20 miles were logged this week. 

So that was my first 2 weeks of training, and I'm looking forward to the rest of it.  

Have a happy Monday!

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