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The Monday Report - 1 week down, 16 to go

What!?!? There's a Monday Report? There hasn't been one of these in ages, and part of that is because I seem to have misplaced my discipline. If my discipline were near the snacks, I'd be certain to find it, but it's not there. I've checked. Many times. 

So last Monday started a 16 week half training program that will hopefully keep my butt in gear and running. I even put it in my bujo, because that seems to help with my motivation. I like checking things off and coloring. I'm really not much older than my children. 

I adjusted the plan to my schedule, and moved my long runs to Friday so that I wouldn't have to juggle work schedules over the weekend. The first Friday went great. My oldest even gave me a little bit of flak over the length of it. I am going to have to share this conversation, because it's so telling about how my running has impacted my family. 
Big Guy - "Mom, you need to go running."
"I know. Do you see that I'm dressed. I'm going as soon as I wolf down this eggo PBJ."
"Mom. Go. For. Your. Run."
"I am. Thank you for being such a good bully. I'm going up and down Carver by the way."
"How long is your run today?"
"4 miles."
"Really? That's your long run? That'll take you what an hour?"
"I know it's not a 'long' run, but it's what the plan calls for, and yes, about an hour with cool down."
"Go run. Love you."
These types of conversations are fairly common with my family. They know running is an outlet for me, and that it's good for me, and I'm so thankful that I have their support, even when I may not want it. 

So the first week called for 13 miles with 1 day of cross training. No, cross training got done, but 10 miles of running with a 1.5 mile hike on Sunday got done. Overall, I felt pretty good on the runs. Summer has already descended on us, so they were hot and slowish runs, but I got out there and did them. The hike was a lot of fun, because I took out the Big Guy and Baby Girl, and we walked the Stone Bridge Loop at Manassas Battlefield. For it being in the low 90's, my kids were awesome, and really didn't complain. I also didn't have to carry the small one, and her only complaint was when rocks made it into her shoes. 

I am trying to not focus on the times of my runs, and how I feel, and how my body is reacting. The first takeaway from this week is that I need to get back into a better sleep schedule! Summer is not a reason to let my sleep habits suffer. If only Baby Girl would get that memo. 

Here's to a great 2nd week, and thanks for stopping by!

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