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It's been a year.....

Tomorrow will mark the one year blogiversary of Straight Stitches. How amazing is that? I can't believe how much this blog has evolved and helped me evolve. I know my decorating style has gotten a bit more defined since entering the blogiverse, and I am so excited about the upcoming year. I've also met some great gals and been inspired too look at more things in different ways. I also know that my love  of old windows has gone to new heights because of blogging. :)

With this 1-year anniversary, I am going to be adding some sponsor spots to the site. I don't want a slew of sponsors. Just a few, and since I have no idea how to go about getting sponsors nor am I sales pitche-y person I'm just going to throw this out there.

If you want a sponsor spot then just email me at haboyajian at gmail dot com. There will be 9 spots. That's it. :) The spots will be free for 2 months and then after that it'll be $4 a month. The first 9 people to email me will get spots. :)

Now on to other bloggy birthday news. I'm going to Maymont Flower Show tomorrow and I can't be more excited and you know what that means...At least a post or two about the show. Can't wait! And because I can't have a post without a's my fave photo from last year's trip.
How sweet is that? I wish my front yard  looked like that. Instead I'm left with a poor broken boxwood. Who broke it, you ask? The snow. Stupid snow. Ah well. Time to retire the boxwoods and make way for the azaleas :)

Also don't forget that the $90 CSN Giveaway is {here} and the giveaway for my etsy shop is {here}. Go enter and good luck guys!!!!

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