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Finishing Touches!

Well like I said in yesterday's post it was high time that February left my house. Well, per my usual routine, I couldn't very well  decorate the dining room and not the mantle family room. So without a lot of chatter lets just jump in. :)

By the way.....Picture laden post. :) Oh and I couldn't make up my mind about my paper cone wreath. You see my mantle was actually done for a week with a bare wreath. I didn't want to share the mantle with you till it was perfect, but then one morning the light was perfect so I snapped some shots. Then that evening lightening struck and luckily the next morning we had lovely lighting again. So here are my shots of both mornings.  And I do believe the theme for this month's scapes is Family or moving all available picture frames out of the reach of some small fry that is now enamored of climbing.

 Yep that's the moss wreath from my bedroom. Yes the mirror above my headboard is bare, but no worries. I have plans to rectify that! Here are some more shots!
 I do love my 'B'. :) Oh so you guys probably want some close-ups of those pictures, huh?
 These are my faves. :) The picture of Dev was snapped by Steve while Dev was trying to wheedle something or other from him. H's picture was taken by my father-in-law, which was a perfect timing kind of thing, and then the picture of all 4 of us was snapped by my good friend during our annual family photo session. :)

So the next round of pictures are of my sofa table . The hubs bought me some lovely flowers that needed some picture love. ;-)

 I love these candid shots of the boys, and in case its not evident - Harrison is happy in that picture, but he's just making his scrunchy, snorty happy face. :) Don't babies make the cutest faces? I love Dev's contemplative look too. So sweet.

Oh and there is another table. The console! Yep, almost every picture in the downstairs of the house got moved, because of this one.
 He's so deceiving! You know what?!? With Dev I did not EVER have to move a single picture frame or vase or phone or anything. He didn't touch my touch stuff. He yelled at people who touched Mommy's stuff. He was an angel and perfect and helps me arrange everything. He has a good eye, and good ideas. I listen. I listen because it makes him feel important and special, and if I don't quite like it all I deal. Because he'll be happy. However, we are not happy that the small fry above likes to DESTROY. In fact, one of his more common nicknames is DESTRUCTO. How can a boy look so angelic and be such a force of destruction?!? When someone has the answer please let me know. Anyways, so back on point, here's the console. :)
 Look! You can see small fry thinking about touching something!! Argh, at least everything else is safe. Its more crowded than I usually like or even decorate, but its a necessary evil. Its necessary because of small destructive force. Dear Lord, please let him grow out of this soon!

Have a great day gals!

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