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Getting Distracted...

So as most of us have children, small children that is, we know what its like to constantly be on guard or at least exercising our peripheral vision. While I was trying to dress my dining room for March, it was high time February left, I was having to keep one eye on Harrison.

Why do you ask?

Because he's an imp. A quiet imp. A quiet imp until he wants to be heard. I will now share with you my March tablescape and why it took me twice as long as normal to set up. Commentary to commence. :)

 I am loving how the table came together. I wanted to create a feeling of an early morning garden party, replete with crystal and bamboo. :)
 Look who's sitting oh so nicely just off to the left. Oh wait...what do you have? Your brother's DS. This is not going to go well. Don't you just love the afternoon sun streaming in. Yes, today was PJ day. :) A lot of days are PJ days.
 A pretty shot of the table. The smaller glass was my great grandmother's. The larger crystal glass was a great find by the hubs before we were married at Big Lots. :)
 The gold platter is from my grandmother's china set, and the clear plate is also from my great-grandmother's set.
 I can't forget about my red table! I love my red table. I love the forsythia with the dogwood branches.
 This book was my great-grandmother's. I love the patina on it. :)
 I filled the crystal vase with fake ice chips. I like the effect. Reminds me of the frosty mornings we're still having.
 Guess who's still sitting just off camera. Still with the DS. At least it looks like he's closing it. He doesn't look guilty at all does he?
 I love my little bird cages.
 These are some plain white napkins that I picked up from Home Goods several years ago. Mom embroidered the ornate 'B' on them in white for me. One of the best investments ever.
 More forsythia! Oh and I added some of those fake ice chips to the copper plate to add a little more interest and sparkle underneath the centerpiece.
 Oh what's this! Someone wants to be noticed. He got my attention all right. Still with the DS. Told you he was mischievous.
Just another shot of my oh-so-pretty table. Love the afternoon sun streaming in. Kind of makes me want to throw a tea party.

Won't you join me? :)

Have a great day gals!

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  1. Great job on the table...lovely! What an adorable little imp!! xoxo Beth

  2. Beautiful table! Can you actually leave it set? My boys would have it destroyed the very first time I took my eyes off them to go to the bathroom.

  3. What a beautiful table setting! I LOVE those jewelled napkin rings!

    And what a cute distraction your little boy is!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. What a beautiful table and such a cute post. Thanks so much for linking up to my Swing into Spring party.

  5. I can soooo relate! I have a 23 mo. old and he is always stealing big brothers DS!
    Your table looks so beautiful and elegant! You did a wonderful job despite the very cute distraction! ;)