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Faux Bois Anyone?

So yesterday, I showed off the completed nightstands that I did for my mom. Today is their story. :)

I love a lot of painting techniques, but sometimes I'm afraid to try them, and sometimes I have to get a piece painted and let it sit in my living room for a week before I decide what the finishing touches on it are going to be. :)

I started off with two nightstands. One was in pretty good condition, the other - not so much. Here they are when they were in the guest bedroom.

So I found this wood repair kit. Its like a putty epoxy for wood! Cool beans, lets fix some of those dents and dings. :)
After I sanded the tables down and primed them it was time to do the painting. I had a pale gray color in my stash. It was an Oops from Lowe's, so I have no idea what color it is, but I like it because its soft and subtle. After I got the tables painted they sat in the living room, because they needed something more. Even after shanty-ing them up a bit.

That's when inspiration hit! Why not do a faux bois treatment on them? The tables were going to go to Mom's house (as a belated birthday gift). One of her guest bedrooms needed some new tables. So I called her up to ask her her opinion. She liked the idea. So she came by later to pick out a glaze color and she ended up picking a pretty aqua blue. Mom has a thing for beachy themes. :)

So I mixed up some glaze and paint, and then just brushed some on the table and took my wood graining tool to town. I am in love with how they turned out. :) I don't have any pictures of the process because it was so quick and easy.

Two coats of wax later and we loaded them up into Mom's truck.  Some other things got loaded up as well, but they ended up staying at my house. :)

Hey what's that doing in there? He doesn't belong there. Don't you love the outfit that Mom made? 
There's Devo! Yep he's in his PJ's at 6 pm. It was PJ day. :) 
Please pick me up! Please?
I'm still wanting to be picked up! 

 Here are the tables at Mom's house. Sorry for the quality, her camera phone is too blame. :)

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this kind of tutorial :) Have a great day!


  1. Lovely, they turned out great.

    Chic Modern Vintage

  2. this turned out beautifully!!! great job!

  3. I love them! What kind of blue glaze did you use? My son needs some tables for his guest bedrooms and these would be super.

  4. i love faux bois. this is such a great makeover!