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Have you seen Dana?

I was expecting to see a Friday Food Frenzy post today. I was looking forward to my weekly recipe fix, but there's not one here.

Have any of you seen my sister? She seems to have disappeared.

I have posts I could share, but I don't want to yet. :) They're for next week.

So instead I'll share things that have been going on around here.

Dev has three loose teeth! These are his first, so I'm really excited about making a tooth fairy box for him. :)

I haven't been to the dentist in 6 years...I know, I know. I'm already castigating myself over it. I have cavities...a lot of them, and I need to loose a few teeth, but I also found out that I inherited my mother's gum disease. Yay for that. Dana has it too (I'm sure she'll love me sharing that, but she's not here today, is she?). Luckily its not too bad yet, so after some smile fixing, I get to tackle that hurdle. You guys wanted to know all of this didn't you? :)

Let's see - what else has been going on? Oh yea, I added a couple of new pillows to the shop.
See the rest of the pictures {HERE}
I have two of these little beauts. I have more planned, but I'm waiting on some of the set to dry, and then I'll get them added this weekend.

Oh I wanted to make banana bread this AM, but I had no sour cream and the butter wasn't softened. Sadness. I guess I'll have to make the bread later. :(

Ok guys - well hopefully Dana shows up, but if not I may have to come up with another post. :)


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