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Gone Thriftin'

So I haven't had a good haul while out scouring the thrift shops lately.

I don't know why, and it kind of makes me sad.

My luck has apparently changed though, which makes me super happy.

I've scored at two different shops in the last month and I'm going to share the latest haul with you.

Its  not a big haul. I small one. One item. But then I'm going to share something the hubs bought for me, cause he's awesome like that. :)

So here's the hubs gift.
Isn't it perfect? For me, at least? :) He was shocked that I wanted it and that I put it in the kitchen, but I love the grubbiness of the sign, and the phrase is oh so true. :)
I wanted to put this sign above our cabinets, but it was too big. :( I need to put a sign up there, but it'll have to wait till I find perfection. I hate that masterpieces take forever to complete.

However, I did find something to put above the cabinets. She's perfect. She has a gleaming personality, albeit a little dented here and there.
 LOVE!!! I found this copper beaut at the Salvation Army store for $12, but I went on Wednesday and got her for $9. :) Love 25% discount day.
 Just look at all her texture! I love the hammered look.
 She's copper all the way through. She weighs a small ton.
And now she sits atop my cabinet, but I'm not sure if she'll stay there or not. She kind of blends. Wouldn't a small wildflower bouquet look precious with her? I do. She may have to come down from that perch.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed my finds. Have you been shopping lately? Find anything good? Tell me about it. :) I like to chat.

Tomorrow - I may share the other find. Maybe.


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  1. I love that sign! We have collected several of those signs to decorate our bonus room. I have not seen this one...and I would put it in my kitchen too!
    Great thrifting finds!