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What's wrong with this picture?

So I remember when I was little I loved getting Highlights Magazine. I loved it because it was my mail and I loved the games, especially seek and finds.

Well I have a similar thing for you guys today. :)

You know that I've moved my computer into my closet in my sewing room (which is supposed to be a 4th bedroom in our house), which freed up A LOT of space. I mean tons of space. You guys remember my old desk right?

This one.
 It was a big desk.  Now it's this.
So all of that space in the corner is free. I have been purposely trying not to show you this room, because its not done. I have one project left to do. I'm sure you'll be able to guess what it is. Oh and you can probably notice a few other changes from the above two pictures, but we'll get to that at a later date. :)

So here's what the corner looks like now.
Something is definitely missing, but wait! Oh what's this? There's something even further wrong. Can you see it? Let me get you a closer look!
Do you see it now? Someone or something messed up my serger. Do you know what a pain in the rear threading a serger is? I do. I hate it. I will tie the new thread to the thread I'm changing out just so I don't have to rethread it. It looks like I may have no choice now. Dangit.

I wonder who the culprit is. Its probably not Devlin. He's been jonesing to make more birds. I do not sew while sitting on the floor. He has to wait. So that rules him out. Stephen doesn't go in my room, unless it's to fix something or come look at something I've done. So that's his alibi. Who does that leave? Oh, I forgot. I have a clue!
DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN.  That's an awfully small foot for somebody other than Harrison. This is our living room. Its a wreck, because I'm working on another project in here, but I have a feeling that since he got a hold of the camera, he is probably the one who got a hold of my serger. Obv, I lightened this photo so you could see that cute foot of his. :)

For those of you wondering. No we cannot get the machines turned on. They are off, the power strip they are plugged into is off, but the power strip itself is not plugged in. So no worries there.

Well I'm going to go facebook some, then I'm going to work on my other project, THEN I'll get to building me a new sewing table. Such a busy day ahead of me. :)

See you guys later!

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