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Fit for a Picnic!

Happy 150th Anniversary First Battle of Manassas/Bull Run!

Being that I live less than 5 miles from the site of both Battles of Manassas/Bull Run, I figured I'd do a nice post today about picnic attire, and the the commemoration ceremonies.
This is near my house! Its off of Rt. 29  between Manassas and Gainesville. 
So 150 years ago, the Yanks thought the war would be over nice and quick so the Union Army came down from D.C., a mere 35 miles, along with the gentry from the capitol. The gentry were sitting on the hillsides having  picnics and watching the battle.

Unfortunately, the Rebs  had a different idea and won the day with the Union troops and gentry racing back to D.C. The war would rage on for another 4 years.

There are tons of events planned for this weekend, but today is supposed to be 100 degrees with a heat index of 110. You will not find me outside.

Can you imagine wearing this get up in heat of any sort?
Sure its pretty, but not at all practical.

Back in February, I found the cutest madras plaid at Hancock Fabrics down in Richmond. I ended up with three different madras plaids (You can see them here and here) and I waited till now to make my outfit. Ok, I'm lying I actually made this outfit back in June, and I'm only just showing it to you now. :)

So here's the pattern I used. This was such a quick and easy pattern. I also plan on making the jacket  to go with this dress, but its not made yet. :)
 So the outfit is already a little rumpled, because I had to run to Target this morning, but I was as comfortable as I could be in it. I wish I could blame Harrison for all the colors on the wall back there, but I can't........
 Today was not a good photo day. I couldn't snap a good one, I'm shiny - despite my best efforts and I kept having some small fry show up in pictures. Did you see him?

Here are some close-ups of the dress. I paired it with capris because I could not lengthen it enough. The fabric was not wide enough. If the plaid had been 60" wide, it would have been no problem, but oh well. I like it with the capris.

Here's my small fry. The poor thing caught Devlin's summer cold. :( He climbed into bed with me this morning and was on fire. Just the thing for a 100 degree day. He's still precious though.

In case you guys want to come out and see the festivities for the 150th anniversary here is the website -150th Civil War

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  1. Cute outfit! Perfect for summertime!
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