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Birthday Wreath!

One can never have to many wreaths. At least that's what I say.

The hubs says something else, but this isn't his blog, so we're going to go by what I say. :)

I'm sure you guys are familiar with How Does She?

Well they have a terrific tutorial on how to make a Balloon Wreath, and with birthday season approaching for our family I decided that it was high time we had some birthday decorations for our front door.

So I got the supplies, but accidentally bought a 16" wreath form, which meant I needed 3 bags of 72-count balloons, but that's ok. It added like a $1 to the final cost, which was not much. So it's a $7 wreath. :)

Here's my creation!

I  love the texture and  the colors, and I love that it was easy. I sat down and watched a movie with the hubs while making it. Its a bit heavy, but won't blow away right?

Well tomorrow will be more birthday ideas....Hope you're ready. :)


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