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In a funk

So I didn't really want to go to the gym today. It wasn't a good day and I just wasn't feeling it.

I dragged myself there any way. I worked my back, which felt good, but then I hopped on the treadmill.

I dialed in the stuff for a 5k and then only completed 1.25 of it. Like I said - I wasn't feeling it.  I was keeping a 15 min/mile which I'm pleased with, but my right calf was giving me problems again, which is getting annoying.

It was giving me problems yesterday, so much so that during my run it cramped up so bad that I had to slow down to 3 mph for a while just to work it out. That slowed my mile down to 17:08 overall. Grrrr. I only managed 1.89 miles yesterday.

I think I need better insoles, but they'll have to wait, because I need to see if the plumbing issue in my master bath is going to cost me. If its under warranty (yay new homes) then I'm going shopping, but otherwise...well it'll involve cursing, drywall, water and more cursing.

Tomorrow is BodyFlow which I'm looking forward to for the stretching power. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I should. The hubs will be back home. That should right my off-kilter world. :)

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