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So we've all seen these jokes. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones where you know you're from XYZ because of ABC.

When we lived in Jersey there were tons of them flying around about the Garden State, but I found one for Prince William County and it made me laugh, so I'm sharing it.


  • You have to drive an hour-plus to get to work.
  • You know which one is the "good" Target.
  • You can party in your backyard to the neighbor's Tejana music.
  • You know the difference between "business" and "bypass."
  • You have to say "if you've passed the horse farm at end of the road, you've gone too far."
  • Your weekend includes a trip to Tysons AND a trip to the dump.
  • Your friends who live inside the beltway visit you, and a quarter of the way down 66, they ask "how much longer??"
  • You know you're part of NOVA but you wish you weren't
  • You hate McMansions.
  • You know Rt. 28 doesn't end in Centreville.
  • You know to expect the upper range of the snow predictions.
  • You have a well and a septic.
  • You have Suburban Propane on speed-dial.
  • There are holiday decorations on your neighbor's house in August.
  • You run in to 7-11 for milk and all you hear are Nextel "chirps."
  • You've "got a guy" for almost any major or minor repair-work.
  • You get offended if anyone else calls it "Manasshole."

I found this at the Real Housewives of PWC blog

What are some of your favorite local jokes? 


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