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Monster Vases Again!

Well I went down to the Christmas closet and pulled out the one lone Halloween/Thanksgiving/Autumn bin. I'm getting ready to decorate.

I won't be going full bore until after my birthday, its tomorrow by the way. ;-)

But I figured I'd bring back a post from last Halloween, because these vases are just too cute to not share.

Blast from the Past! 
Well, the modge podge has attacked again. :) A few weeks ago I saw this post over at Crazy Domestic.

Cute, right? Oh yea, I'm not going to show you. You'll have to visit. :) I'm such a pill, aren't I?

I love those little guys, but I have no jars. Sadness. I do, however; have lots and lots of vases.

Useless vases. Vases that sit in my cabinet above the refrigerator. You know the cabinets that things are sent to be forgotten about. Now my cabinet above the fridge is a little more empty. Ready for something to be stored for later use, but truly to just be forgotten about.

So here's a pictorial of what I did.

I ended up ripping the tissue paper up into strips. It was faster, but the random pieces look nicer, IMO. 

The sharpie was easier, but it looks kind of half-assed. Don't you think? 

Time to fix that half-ass sharpie work. I pulled out the black enamel paint. Those faces look much nicer now. :)  What do you guys think?

Whelp....I'm ok with being invaded by monster vases. They're pretty cute, and Dev had a blast discovering them. He is now showing off tons of things to everyone who comes to the house. Be warned if you visit my house. You will be forced coerced into a quick house tour given by an almost 5 year-old. :) He's got so much to show off. Oh to be that young and easily amused. :)

Have a great day and enjoy yourselves!


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