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Saturday was a fun day.

I ran a 5k on the treadmill for the 2nd time in a week ever. I did awesome, by the way. I got down to a 15 minute mile. Yay me!

So after said run, I come home and want nothing more than a shower. I head upstairs and turn on the shower, and just as I'm about to step into the glory of my ultra hot reinvigorating shower, Stephen bursts into the bathroom and tells me to turn off the shower.

I'm like, uh no, I want to take my shower and wash the stink off.

He responds with water is leaking into the kitchen. From the ceiling.

You guessed it. My master bathroom is right above our kitchen.

Weeeeeeeell Crap.

So I pull on a robe and go downstairs to inspect the damage with Steve. There are two pots on the floor catching the water and the tape, at the seam of the drywall, was separated from the ceiling and producing a calming stream of water. Right in front of my stove.


Did I mention that the very next day Stephen was leaving for the Dominican Republic for 4 days. At 7:45 am.

Luckily, we believe that the plumbing issue will fall under the house's construction warranty. The project manager for the development is stopping by tomorrow at 8:30 to bust into the ceiling and take a gander at the issue.

Thank god for new houses and their warranties. 10 year warranties, because we've been here 2.5 years.

Oh and just in case you're wondering, I did get my shower. In Harrison's bathroom. Which sucks. A lot.

I'm very stunted in my speech, because showering in a tub with no overhead light and infant bath toys is not fun.

I'm spoiled. I've had my own separate shower for 5 years now. I really like having my own separate shower. It has a bench! Do you know how easy it is to shave your legs when you have a bench?!?!?

Ok, I'm done whining. Maybe. At least until tomorrow. When a hole (a large hole) is put into my kitchen ceiling.

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