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Some Comparisons

Not much to report, but I am starting to think about making myself some new clothes and with that I got the thinking that I should probably take some new measurements on myself.

So that's what I did and luckily I had my measurements from the beginning of September handy so I'm going to share them. :)

September 8, 2011October 29, 2011
Upper Arm16.5"15.5"

While those measurements do not denote a huge changed, I am pretty happy that most of them have gone down an inch or so. What this also means in the terms of my pattern sizes is that my waist is a 24 (retail - 18) and my hips and bust are a 26 and 24, respectively (retail - 20).

My sizes are all over the place, but they are shrinking which makes me happy :) time to go get some fabric prepped for sewing!

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